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Phoenix Asbestos Remediation

Homeowners in Phoenix will benefit from asbestos removal services. AdjustPro Solutions is an Arizona-licensed asbestos removal company with years of experience working in homes in the Greater Phoenix area. You can depend on the following while working with AdjustPro Solutions:

  • Our scheduling team provides friendly and prompt support.
  • Proposals that are clearly written and detailed, and are usually provided within 24 hours.
  • Asbestos remediation solutions that are well-executed and cost-effective
  • Quality assurance and dependable post-remediation follow-up
  • Competitive pricing

What Should You Do About Asbestos Removal? 

AdjustPro Solutions is one of the few asbestos contractors in the Phoenix area who focuses on residential projects. This is due to the unique complexities of asbestos abatement in residential buildings. Specialized cleaning equipment and confinement techniques, as with all asbestos removal work, are necessary. However, in the home, extra precautions are needed. To avoid damage to home finishes and furniture, for example, extra caution is needed.


How Does Asbestos Removal Work?

  • We submit an application for a permit (if required).
  • Arrive at the residence.
  • Isolate the work space from the rest of the building.
  • Suits and respirators are worn by workers when they reach the area.
  • Asbestos-containing products have been securely removed from the building.
  • Wet wiping and HEPA vacuuming can be used to clean the work area.
  • Pass an air clearance inspection to ensure that the work is up to par.
  • You will be given a clearance report.
  • Dismantle the containment system.
  • Allow you to reclaim your home.

Home Materials Containing Asbestos

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that is a recognized carcinogen. It has been used in over 2,000 items over the years. Asbestos-containing products found in the home include:

  • Tile for the floor and the adhesive that goes with it (mastic)
  • Insulation for pipes
  • Insulation for the attic and walls, including vermiculite
  • Compounds for drywall and textured paint
  • Shingles for roofing and siding

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