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I can’t see any damage, my property is just old

It can be very difficult to discern hail impact from the ground and almost impossible to detect with an untrained eye. Yeah, your land might be old, but it just implies that storms that have moved through your zip code have had more chances to inflict harm. Harm caused by wind and hail storms may be detrimental to your property’s well-being. You have charged them to be covered for lost goods unless you have an exclusion in your insurance policies claiming that they would not allow coverage for your dwelling owing to the age expressed in your payment. It is more vulnerable to storm damage because the roof or siding is older and your insurance carrier requires a fee from you dependent on protection for products that are affected. AdjustPro Adjusters offers professionally qualified and certified insurance adjusters capable of identifying age and weathering storm loss.

I’ll just try it with my insurance first, but if that doesn’t work I’ll give you guys a call

No one will head to court in their own mind and not have a lawyer. That’s basically what you want to do if you make a lawsuit for your land without having a public adjuster. Insurance carriers are not in the industry of offering what they are intended to offer and may threaten to fully discount or reject your allegation. Once a policy has been rejected or charged as minimally as practicable by an insurance adjuster, they find it very complicated to restart the claim and pay you what they are expected to. The method could take 5-10x longer than if you were described in the first place by AdjustPro Adjusters. When making a lawsuit on your land, make sure you have the correct counsel to guarantee that you are handled equally.

My brother/friend/husband is a contractor, they’ll take care of it

So, a contractor is your brother/friend/husband. That’s fine, but you need to collect the funds first to get the job finished. To guarantee you receive the requisite money, a provider has no legitimate bargaining authority with insurance companies. When you’re still paying the insurance agent to cover those charges, it does not make sense to compensate for the roofing, siding, gutters, etc. If you want to do so, let AdjustPros Adjusters get the money you receive and then you will make your brother/friend/husband do the job.

My insurance agent is my brother/best friend/inlaw, they’ll just take care of me

Your policy provider is not an adjuster for insurance. They have little to do with who gets sent out to do the review by the insurance carrier. The role of an attorney is to market a policy to you to prevent you from making a lawsuit. Any year you do not make a claim and do not have the best interest in mind, certain insurance companies receive a portion of your payment. When the insurance carrier’s adjuster arrives to conduct an assessment, it’s vital that you have adequate counsel, something your agent has little legal say on.

That sounds great but my rates will skyrocket, won’t they?

As a policyholder, insurance companies focus their rates on your risk rating. Your insurance carrier will claim you are riskier to cover than your competitor if you had a fire or a flood and your neighbor doesn’t, because your rate will be raised accordingly. If there is a hurricane, though, an insurance carrier can not personally blame you because you may not have done anything to cause or deter the storm, so what they can do is collectively increase the premiums of anyone inside your zip code, whether or not you make a lawsuit. So, yes, the premiums are likely to go up marginally, but that’s whether or not you want to file a lawsuit. Your premium would also show the reality that, regardless of what you do, there’s been a storm inside your zip code.

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