I’ll just try it with my insurance first, but if that doesn’t work I’ll give you guys a call

No one in their right mind will appear in court without representation. That’s basically what you’re doing if you make a lawsuit on your land without hiring a public adjuster. Insurance companies aren’t in the industry of paying what’s due, so they’ll continue to limit or dismiss your claim entirely. Once an insurance adjuster has rejected or charged as little as possible for a lawsuit, they find it very difficult to reopen the claim and pay you what you are owed. It’s possible that the procedure would take 5-10 times longer if you hadn’t hired Matrix Public Adjusters in the first place. When making a lawsuit on your home, make sure you have the right lawyer to ensure you’re handled equally.

Call Adjust Pros for your roof insurance claim

If you are in need with help from a trusted public adjuster then call the Adjust pros at Adjust Pro Solutions! We are here to help you with your insurance claim on your existing property. Call today!

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