When calamity hits, our mission at AdjustPro Solutions in Phoenix is to assist you. We’ll come to you and assess your property damage as well as your insurance details. We’ll help you report your loss to your insurance carrier correctly. After that, we’ll generate an estimate for your insurance company and negotiate with your adjuster to secure you the best possible compensation. Our firm has a lot of expertise dealing with property damage claims. When it comes to property damage, code requirements, legislative changes, and insurance policies, our organization is exceptionally skilled and experienced. Remember that the burden of proof is entirely on the policyholder. Why don’t you hire your own adjuster like the insurance company does?

Why Hire a Public Adjuster in Phoenix? Studies have shown that hiring a public adjuster in Phoenix leads to greater insurance claim settlements for policyholders. In Phoenix, AdjustPro Solutions works solely on behalf of the policyholder, not the insurance carrier.

Before filing a claim, a public adjuster will assess your fire damage loss, determine the cause of loss, and ensure that it is covered by your insurance policy. The purpose of a public adjuster is to prepare an estimate and negotiate with your insurance company to get you the most money for your home.

Adjusted Claims for Fire and Water Damage in Phoenix, AZ

To avoid a claim denial, it is vital to document and disclose the loss as soon as possible after a water or fire damage claim. Insurance companies will send their own adjuster to your home, so it’s critical to have someone on your side who is looking out for your best interests. Allowing the insurance company to prescribe the loss is not a good idea; remember that the burden of evidence is totally on you. Allow us to compile your estimate so that we can determine how much money you owe us for your insurance claim damage.

We’ll be your advocate and handle your claim.

Insurance companies are represented in claims by a trained insurance adjuster. Homeowners have the same option of hiring a professional adjuster who would look out for THEIR best interests.

As public adjusters in Phoenix, we’ve dealt with a wide range of claims, including:

AdjustPro Solutions is your Public Adjuster in Phoenix!

If your property has recently suffered from fire or water damage, don’t panic: AdjustPro Solutions will help you get the possible outcome from your claim. We’ll send out one of our expert adjusters as soon as possible to evaluate the damage to help you negotiate a fair price for restoration and repairs. 

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