Get an insurance claim for vandalism damage!

Vandalism is a problem in many towns around the United States. Vandalism is more common in big areas like New York City and Los Angeles, but no home is safe from it. Most homeowners are unaware that most vandalism-related damage and losses are covered by homeowner’s insurance. If you were the victim of a home invasion, there’s a high chance you went through more than just mental anguish. Your homeowners’ coverage covers valuables like jewels, property damage like broken doors and stolen copper pipes, and most other tangible losses. If you evicted a vengeful renter who chose to vent his wrath on your property, your homeowners’ insurance coverage will cover the damages. Do not suffer any more than you already have if you have been a victim of burglary or vandalism. Let AdjustPro Solutions help you get the money you deserve from your insurance carrier by contacting us immediately.

A licensed public adjuster can help you recover more money on your insurance claim, regardless of the sort of damage you have in your home or commercial property. Even if your insurance claim has been refused, AdjustPro Solutions will assist you in reopening your claim with your insurer. If your insurance company resolved your claim and provided you a check that did not fully cover your damages, you have a legal right to a free consultation to explore if your claim may be reopened and a fair compensation for your property damage can be obtained. Call the team at AdjustPro Solutions today to get yours! 

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