When calamity hits, our mission at AdjustPro Solutions of Phoenix is to assist you. We’ll come to you and assess any tornado damage to your Arizona property as well as your insurance details. We’ll help you report your loss to your insurance carrier correctly. After that, we’ll generate an estimate for your insurance company and negotiate with your adjuster to secure you the best possible compensation.


AdjustPro Solutions has a long history of dealing with property damage claims, including tornado claims in Phoenix, AZ and beyond.  When it comes to property damage, code requirements, legislative changes, and insurance policies, our organization is exceptionally skilled and experienced.

Filing Tornado Damage Claims in Phoenix

Tornadoes may appear to be entertaining on television, but if your home has been damaged by one, the damage can be catastrophic, and problems can arise as soon as the tornado strikes. Wind damage can be extremely costly. Flying debris can damage your roof, leaving you without power, water, heat, and other necessities. You can be forced to relocate for an extended period of time, resulting in increased expenses. Fortunately, insurance can help defray the costs when you file an insurance claim after a tornado in Phoenix. 


Before you do anything when a tornado strikes, you should ask yourself a few things. To begin, analyze the damage to determine whether you and your loved ones are safe. If you are able, you should also take as many images as possible to preserve the loss. Call AdjustPro Solutions, Inc. before calling your insurance provider. AdjustPro Solutions, Inc. employs skilled adjusters who specialize in analyzing tornado damage in Phoenix and negotiating with insurance companies to obtain the funds necessary to repair your house. If you’re going up against an insurance company, make sure you have legal representation. Policy language can be perplexing and deceptive, and saying the incorrect thing while submitting a claim can be costly and damaging. 


If your Phoenix property was damaged by a tornado, contact AdjustPro Solutions, Inc. right away so we can help you collect the money you need. Remember that the policyholder bears the entire burden of evidence. Each insurance company has its own adjuster. Call us today to schedule your insurance adjustment! 

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